Brand: a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. At MTTS Design, we work beyond the visuals to deliver the branding blueprints for future success.
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What is a successful brand, without the ability to showcase it? The internet is a fact of business life, so even small firms need a presence online to hook customers. Give yourself a voice, and make sure your message is the right one. At MTTS Design we tackle form and function, to produce professional and engaging websites & webshops.
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At MTTS Design we run both digital and print marketing campaigns, to enthuse potential customers. Use our expertise in the management of targeted email campaigns to expand your client base. While we firmly believe that digital design is the preferred route for most modern business, there is still necessary demand for printed media in many sectors. For this reason we promote the creation of business stationary such as business cards, letterheads and company brochures, as essential tools for continuing customer relations.
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Whether this be 'business to customer' or 'business to business' communications, how you handle communications is an integral part of any company. To drive credibility we provide clients with domain based emails, for example [email protected], creating personal and memorable business connections. Not confident with email? Don't worry, MTTS Design offer online secretarial solutions for anything from email filtering to personalised customer responses. Never miss another opportunity.
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What you can expect from a Web Design package with MTTS Design

Responsive Web Design

Hosting, Domains and Emails

We are proud to manage all services without outsourcing, so you know every facet of Hosting, Domain Name and Email Account Management is in our capable hands. Regular backups are made of your site in order to protect the latest updates, and all of this inside our premium hosting account, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Fully Responsive Web Design

At MTTS Design we recognise the urgency for information on the go. It is very important to recognise we are in a mobile generation. For this reason we create and test our websites so they are fully responsive across all mobile and digital platforms, with no compromise in quality of appearance or speed.

Search Engine Optimisation

The hierarchy of your webpage information and the way it is written is very important. Your content should be informative but also unique. Google guidelines are forever updating and we work hard to keep on top of the latest trends. All of our websites are SEO friendly and designed with Google guidelines in mind.

Analytics and Web Reports

Google Analytics has become so important for providing website statistics and diagnostics, allowing us to improve engagement and click-throughs on your site. By understanding customer interactions with the website, we can take off the blindfold and use trends in data to increase your page conversion rate.


Get an understanding into how we work from start to finish of a Web Design project

Website Design
1Requirements & Expectations
We ask that you fill in our Contact form. This helps us understand the project, asking the necessary questions so that we can respond with a suggested next step. This step is more than just a formality to understand your requirements. It is very important that we start as we mean to go on - by raising your expectations.
2Planning & Drafting
At this step the foundations for your project are made. This structure is tailored to suit the day-to-day of our clients, avoiding any disruption in their daily routine. Domain names are secured and registered to our host account. While domain based email accounts and social media setups are established to continue company communications.
3Building & Copywriting
This is where our planning shows its worth. We build the site to our client requirements, providing them with login access to view and communicate with us as the site develops. We'll ask you to write the content, your chance to showcase what makes you different. We can then work together to develop this further with SEO in mind.
4Proofing & Sign-Off
By this stage your site will be submitted to search engines and a full written and visual run-through of all content will be made before launch. Your site is ready to go! Posts can be made to social media to notify followers and after sign-off we will keep in contact to provide website viewer statistics so you can understand user interaction with your new website.