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1Can you get me to the top of Google?
The 'short answer' to this question is yes we can, and with many website pages we have. However there are several factors which determine this ranking, so the 'long answer' is that this is an ongoing task. All our websites are SEO friendly and and designed with Google guidelines in mind.
2Will my website work on mobile phones and tablets?
Yes. It is very important to recognise we are in a mobile generation. For this reason we create and test our websites so they are fully responsive across all mobile and digital platforms, with no compromise in quality of appearance or speed.
3As a new company I do not have the funds to pay for a website up-front. What are my options?
We know first-hand what it's like to be a new company and we're still growing ourselves. MTTS take pride in on our start-up business discounts, and welcome structured payment plans to help you make the right decision for your business.
4Once I have paid for a service, am I on my own?
Certainly not, we look after our own. As a client of MTTS Design you can expect loyalty above and beyond. All of our services are bespoke to the client and come with varied levels of control. This allows for you to decide how much involvement we have after project sign-off. This can range from managing web-shop updates through to filtering email accounts. At the very least we'll always be here for advice.
5I need to make sales on my website, what are the complications of setting up a shop?
This is a very good question and one which takes much consideration, as you may be responsible for confidential customer information. Ensure your e-commerce solution is secure and protected. PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance is a security standard which must be met by businesses dealing with card transactions. Don't put yourself or your customers at risk. Ask us today how we can help.

Long term cost for short term gain

By choosing a DIY site from 1&1 (selecting their 'recommended' packages) you will be paying £18/month for website & hosting for year 1, and £32/month thereafter. By the end of year 2 you could have paid off your fee with us.


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Let this contact form act as the first port of call. By providing us with these details, we can use our experience to best advise the next step. Every request is handled with the utmost attention, and will be responded to within 48 hours. Any information you provide is treated as confidential.

Discover our affiliate company rates

At MTTS Design we have great relationships with likeminded companies and individuals, to offer combined packages with diverse skill-sets. Notably our affiliate company Emerald Accountants combine services with MTTS to offer 20% reduced rates for new client packages.