MTTS Design are a design and solutions company based in Thetford, Norfolk. Situated in an actively growing community, we specialise in giving start-up companies the tools to succeed.

Our team of professionals are highly qualified in disciplines across web and branding communication. We know however that web communications aren't a manageable practice for all. This is why all our services come with varied levels of control. Whether your service requirements are web, print, campaign, or you want to take us up on our affiliate packages, we work behind the scenes so you don't have to. Let us be your specialist employee, allowing you to dedicate your time where it's needed.

What does MTTS stand for?
Mightier Than The Sword
"The pen is mightier than the sword" is a famous quote first coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839. It's meaning is said to emphasize that thinking and writing have more influence than the use of force and violence. At MTTS Design, we adopt and adapt this quotation to our own working acronym, where knowledge and logic are stronger tools than the hurried actions of forcing an idea to market. Contact us today and make an informed decision for your business.


Since our company launch in 2014, MTTS Design have helped countless start-ups establish themselves with our 20% discounted services. Understanding that new ventures can often begin with limited financial backing, we take the approach of lowering our costs for start-up companies, rather than discouraging them from securing the tools they need.

We are a local team who have always been inhabitants of East Anglia. We like our region, and encourage growth to add value to it. If you have a business idea or a service to offer in the region, let MTTS Design find you the right solution, at the right price.

We have created a simple form to help start-up companies (at any stage in development) get in contact with us. This form opens up a channel of conversation for us to help display the options available to you.

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